We use Cherry MX

Moonrim II will use the Cherry MX mechanical switches. We explain why we made this decision.

Han Gyeol

After we started the crowdfunding, one of the most frequent questions was:

Why is it Kailh BOX instead of Cherry MX?

I used Cherry MX during the development. I heard Kailh BOX was a later model with a design to further improve the durability of the structure. This reputation tempted me to consider Kailh BOX for mass production.

But many people, given the explanation above, reacted:

… Oh… Okay… :(

So I took the hint.

This keyboard was originally intended for my personal use, then a lot of people complimented and encouraged me by saying “It looks awesome, I want one too!” That’s how the mass production project began, so listening to you is my obvious duty. There were significantly many people who showed preference for the Cherry MX, so I decided:

All backers who pre-ordered Moonrim II in the crowdfunding will, if the funding succeeds, receive the Cherry MX-version. MX Blue for those who chose “Clicky”, MX Red for “Silent/Linear”, and MX Brown for “Tactile.” (If you wish to change the option, use the Indiegogo’s backer message feature, or send me an email at contact@moonrim.io.)

Choosing Cherry MX means more cost and less money for my own survival, but it’s still not unbearable. I will continue to listen to you for the rest of the campaign and, if the campaign succeeds, the production process.