Won't it slip? Announcement about the tilting angle

by Han Gyeol

Mar 07, 2019

After Moonrim’s crowdfunding started, I’ve been receiving questions and comments, and I’m really grateful to everyone. Some questions are relatively simple to answer:

But some questions and requests are not as simple:

I’d love to answer all these, so the plan is to cover them one by one during the campaign. Please stay tuned. (You can subscribe to Moonrim’s Youtube Channel, follow us on Twitter @MoonrimProject, and use the Atom feed.)

Today, I’ll cover the most frequently asked question.

If you have to press it sideways, won’t it slip?

We’ve taken appropriate technical measures, so it doesn’t slip. (See the video above) But some people are still worried, so we’ve made the decision:

The crowdfunding model you will receive by backing us will have ADJUSTABLE TILTING.

That’s it. We said it. We’re doing it.

The prototype uses 75-degree fixed angle. But the production model that you will receive by backing us will have the adjustable tilting feature. 75 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees… Just as you want it.

If the crowdfunding succeeds, we will immediately start the process to change the design for the adjustable angle feature. So, if the angle has been why you hesitated to pre-order yours, Please rest assured and consider backing us today.

If the funding fails, you will get refunded. And if it’s a success, you will receive a Moonrim II with adjustable tilting!

Stay tuned.