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Moonrim II Liftless Keyboard is what I started making for myself while working as a software engineer at LINE after failing to find a keyboard that was perfect for myself. So it started out as my personal project to build an extremely ergonomic keyboard.

Moonrim II Liftless Keyboard

But as soon as people found out about this keyboard, they started telling me “What is this?” “How much is it?” “I want to buy it.” “Sell it already!” Calculation told me that if I could gather 1,000 people willing to buy, it would be possible to mass-produce the keyboard with injection moulding. The 30-day crowdfunding campaign began on Feb 18th 2019 and gathered about 300 backers.

The campaign was a fixed goal funding. Since it did not reach the goal, all backers have been refunded and the project did not receive any fund. This means the mass production can’t take place.

What happens now?

I don’t know.

Will the production happen? If it does, I’ll let you know. You can subscribe to the news by the following methods: